Our Process

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Let’s talk, we’ll start with a brief phone call to better understand your project scope, ideas, and timeframe. After that, we will schedule a site visit to spend more time hearing from you. We want to know your style preferences, schedule, budget, goals and discuss with you any challenges you or we may foresee. We will then document the space and get back to you in a timely manner with a preliminary estimate based on the details we know of the project.



Once you approve the preliminary estimate, we can move forward with any design work and material selections. This phase of the job can be challenging for you as the client with so many looming decisions. We pride ourselves on clear and constant communication and will work closely with you to simplify this process. At your request, we can utilize the support of our design partners. Once the design process is complete and plans are drawn, we can gather final pricing from vendors and present you with a fixed price proposal.



At this stage, we will coordinate showroom visits and make final material selections. Once selections have been made, material orders can be placed, we can factor lead times to establish our start date. We will then build out a construction calendar and share that with you.



Prior to the start of construction, we will have a final meeting at your home devoted to discussing any details of site protection or the construction process. Throughout the project, we will keep you updated on progress and reflect that in the construction calendar. We will do our best to anticipate unexpected issues behind the walls. Remodeling work is often accompanied by challenges, but we will overcome them together.



Nothing is more satisfying than presenting a finished product that both of us are happy and proud of. We want to hear your feedback on what went well and what you had difficulty with, so we can continue to refine our process and serve our customers better. Now it’s time for you to enjoy your new space and appreciate all the many hours you invested!